General FAQs

How do you make sure your products are free of the top food allergens and gluten?

While no one can guarantee any product as 100% allergen free, our Quality Assurance (QA) program is highly controlled and multi-faceted. For more specifics, please review our Ingredients Statement and Allergen Declarations.

Are your mini chocolate chips both nut and dairy free?

Yes, in fact, they are certified organic and made for us in a dedicated facility that does not use any of the top 11 food allergens. No dairy, no nuts, no gluten; only cocao, evaporated sugar and coffee products are in this facility.

Are your products considered gluten free in Canada?

Yes, since 2010, Libre Naturals has been 3rd party certified Gluten Free by The Gluten Free Certification Organization.  GFCO's requirements are that all products must show no detection of gluten down to 10 parts per million (ppm) which is stricter than that required by current gluten free regulations (20 ppm). 


Are Libre Naturals products considered natural?

All Libre Naturals products under all brand names are free of artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. In many countries, this would mean our products were considered "all natural". In Canada, however, an additional requirement for the processing of certain ingredients is taken into account such as with natural flavours or oils. Therefore, any product that has oil or natural flavour in it is made with natural ingredients but cannot be called "all natural".

Since it would be very confusing to label only some products as "all natural" we simply state that all of our products are made with natural ingredients.

Do you use any Genetically Modified ingredients (GMOs)?

No. Here is our Position Statement:

"Genetic Engineering" refers to a technique by which the genetic material of an organism is changed in a way that does not occur naturally by multiplication and/or natural recombination.

As a responsible and reputable food manufacturer, we are dedicated to producing safe, high quality products. We recognize that people do have concerns about the acceptability of genetic modification (GM/GMO), particularly the potential effect on the growing epidemic of food allergies and intolerances. 

We believe that consumers should have the choice to avoid GM foods and we therefore specify and document only non-GM ingredients for our products. 

We do support the aims of the Non-GMO Verification Project and have considered the potential of joining.  What we do not support is placing verification logos on products whose ingredients have no GM strains available, thus confusing consumers unnecessarily and reducing the validity of such claims.  

Ingredient Policy

Only 2 of our ingredients have been identified as having genetically modified versions on the market:  canola oil and flavours (vanilla/maple).

  • Where we source canola oil, our supplier must provide documentation showing a fully auditable identity preserved (IP) system that confirms their non-GM origins that can be corroborated with DNA testing.  However, due to the controversy surrounding canola oil, you’ll note that as we rebrand all products from Nonuttin’ to Libre Naturals, we are phasing out canola oil and replacing it with sunflower oil.
  • Several years ago we switched our vanilla and maple flavours away from the corn-based ethyl alcohol which is traditionally used in flavours in order to completely avoid all genetic modification.

Labelling GMOs

Because of farming practices, wind patterns and insect activity, no responsible food manufacturer can categorically state their products are 100% free from GM ingredients.  Therefore a “GMO Free” label is not correct or appropriate.

For this reason, The Canadian Food Inspection Agency, along with many governments worldwide allow designated tolerances in non-GM labelled foods.  Unlike the USA, Canada does have labeling guidelines for a non-GM claim.  While it is voluntary, once a Canadian manufacturer makes a non-GM claim, it is now required to be true and verifiable to the National Standard as enforced by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. 


Since we do make the non-GM ingredient claim statement on each Libre Naturals product package, we are held to this standard and document all traceability for this claim regardless of the country it is being sold in.


Alana Elliott

President and Founder

Are your products Kosher?

Yes, all products have been certified Kosher pareve since April 2005 by BC Kosher out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. All Nonuttin' and Libre Naturals brand products have the BCK or Kosher Check (the new name of BCK) pareve symbol on them.

What do the logos on your packaging mean?

In addition to the Kosher certification icon (BCK or Kosher Check), there are 3 other logos on every Libre Naturals product whether it is under the Libre Naturals or Nonuttin' brand.  All products have the Dedicated Facility and Allergy Friendly icons.  Depending on whether the product has gluten free oats in it, products will have either the Celiac Friendly OR the Gluten Free icon although that is changing (see more below). 

The Dedicated Facility icon lets you know that the product is manufactured in a dedicated facility that is free of all of the top 11 food allergens and gluten.

The Allergy Friendly icon lets you know that the product is free of all of the top 11 food allergens but you should also check the ingredient list every time since you may be allergic to other ingredients we use.

The Certified Gluten Free icon lets you know that the product is certified gluten free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization down to less than 10 ppm (parts per million).  Our products have been certified since 2010.

As of June 2015, Health Canada, after over a decade of review, now allows pure oats to be labeled as gluten free.  Prior to that, we could not call our products with oats in them gluten free or indicate that they were certified gluten free.  All packaging moving forward will now have the GF certification symbol on it.  But change and phasing out old packaging takes time, so you may still see the Celiac Friendly icon and gluten free oats referred to in the ingredient list as pure oats over the next year.

What is the shelf life of your products?

All products have a best before date on the package that indicates when they can be kept unopened until. When purchasing  items from the online store at *regular price and kept at room temperature and out of direct light and heat, all products have at least 4 months of shelf life. Freezing is suitable to extend shelf life as indicated below.

After the best before date, the products may be dry, stale tasting and not as visually appealing although they will not be harmful. Many of our products are suitable for stocking in emergency kits for homes, schools and offices.

*Please note that products on promotion may be on sale because they have less than 4 months shelf life left on them.  They can still be frozen for up to 6 months past the shelf life without any negative effect.

Can your products be frozen?

Yes, all of our products can be frozen. We recommend freezing tightly sealed packages under regular conditions for no longer than 6 months. You may then use the products for 6 months past their indicated best before date as long as they remain sealed.

Do you have sugar in your products?

Yes. We use organic evaporated cane sugar and rice syrup as sweeteners.

Are your products vegan?

All products except granolas (bars and granola cereals) are vegan. All granolas and bars are considered vegetarian because the crisp rice we use has honey in it.

Can I eat Libre Naturals' products if I'm diabetic?

Most definitely! The Canadian Diabetes Association does not recommend cutting out specific foods. Nonuttin' Granola Bars have also been reviewed by a registered dietician. She has indicated that diabetic or hypoglycemic individuals can certainly make our bars part of their diet and that the healthy fats, protein and whole grains included in the bars will slow down the absorption of sugars.

Where can I purchase your products?

Libre Naturals products are sold mainly in natural food and health stores in many provinces. Check out a location close to you on our Store Locator page.

We update this list regularly but it is a good idea to phone your local store before you go to be sure they have the products you want. If you can't find the products you want in your area, we'd be happy to take your order in our online store.

How do I get my local store to carry the Libre Naturals products I like?

Retailers can be quite responsive to their regular customers requesting products. It is helpful to print off a Product Request Form from the Store Locator page and take it to your local store's manager and/or buyer. Check back to see if they will honor your request and let us know when you talk to the store so that we can follow up with them as well.

Of course, if your store does decide to stock your favourite products, be sure to go back and support your store or else you may find they will only stock our products once.

Can I buy wholesale from Libre Naturals?

Absolutely! We welcome inquiries from retail stores, coffee shops, schools, camps, vending, hospitals, the hospitality industry and other foodservice companies and we would be happy to serve you. Please provide us with your details on our Wholesale Contact Form.

There is chocolate liquor in your chocolate chips. Is this a kind of alcohol?

Chocolate liquor does not have any alcohol in it and does not use alcohol during the process. Chocolate liquor is what is created when the roasted cacao bean is ground. As the grinding breaks down the bean, cocoa butter is released and begins to melt, creating the chocolate liquor. All chocolate (except white) has chocolate liquor in it in varying amounts with darker chocolate having more than milk chocolate. It is what gives chocolate the flavour we've come to know and love. It can also be referred to as cocoa mass.

Are you a green company?

We do our absolute best to apply green initiatives to everything that we do. Some examples of that include purchasing Forest Initiative corrugated cases for our products, we turn down the heat every night, recycle everything from batteries to printer cartridges in our office and we're proud to say that we throw out only 2 green garbage bags of waste per week and recycle the rest.

But we don't advertise as being green because there are some areas where we're not able to yet be truly green. An example of this is with our granola bar packaging. In order to get the shelf life we need without preservatives, we use a polypropylene layered package. While it is a plastic that could be recycled, most cities don't yet have the facilities to separate out this kind of packaging. So to say it was green would be dishonest.

We'll keep working to reduce our waste and energy usage one step at a time while balancing the need to have products that meet the requirements of both our consumer and wholesale customers.