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Our delicious, unbaked granolas are made in small batches mostly by hand so you can taste the care in all 3 wonderful flavours. Somewhat addictive, they’re also so versatile that you can enjoy our granola as cereal, in parfaits or even as a topping for apple crisp. Here’s what Linda Wagner of Regina, SK exclaimed,

“I love, love, love your vanilla caramel granola!”

Granola:  Vanilla Cinnamon - Retiring
The Unbaked Granola Pouch:  Vanilla Caramel - NEW!
The Unbaked Granola Pouch:  Blueberry Maple - NEW!
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Bulk Granola:  Vanilla Caramel
Bulk Granola:  Vanilla Cinnamon
Bulk Granola:  Blueberry Maple
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