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Alana's always working on new products and flavors.  Currently she's working on a synbiotic line of products.  What's a synbiotic you ask?  It's a combined dose of live probiotics that help your gut health and prebiotic resistant starch that feeds the good bacteria in your gut.  That's important because 70% of your immune system is located in your gut so the healthier we can make the gut, the stronger our immune system is.  

The Probiotic:  Bacillus subtilis

The probiotic that Alana has chosen has the scientific studies to back up health claims including boosting  the immune system and stimulating normal microflora in the gut in both adults and children, at a dose of 1 million live cultures.  And scientifically reviewed studies show that the live cultures survive the trip through the stomach and its acids - something not all probiotics can actually claim.

The product line that Alana is developing will use a dosage of 5 billion live cultures which goes even further.  At this dose, the probiotic also promotes urinary tract health, supports normal fat metabolism (important for weight management), helps optimize body composition and improves results and performance with strength training plus supports exercise recovery.  And, like everything Alana develops, this probiotic doesn't contain, nor is developed from any of the top 14 food allergens.

The Prebiotic:  R2 Resistant Starch

But great gut health isn't just about pumping probiotics into it.  We also need to make sure that our entire biome of good gut bacteria called Bifidobacterium are being fed really well.  That's where prebiotics come in - they feed the good Bifidobacterium.  Libre Naturals products already contain a prebiotic in the form of gluten free oats but adding an R2 Resistant Starch really takes it to the next level.

Alana's chosen a potato resistant starch prebiotic that studies show feeds the good bacteria in your gut with a 350% increase in Bifidobacterium with a 3.5 g daily dose within 4 weeks.  Plus, this prebiotic is very well tolerated in the gut.  This is important because most high fibre prebiotics on the market like inulin are added to products in high volume and actually increase gut discomfort for Celiacs and IBS sufferers.  R2 potato resistant starch is also allowed on FODMAPs diets, where other forms of fibre such as inulin are not.

Good for the Earth

Want something to make you feel even better?  At the same time that this prebiotic is taking care of your gut microbiome, it's also taking care of the Earth.  That's because it's produced in Manitoba from the wastewater of potato processing.  That water gets filtered to remove the potato starch which becomes the prebiotic.  The water that's left is now clean and can go back into the soil safely.  It's the perfect circle.

 If you think that Libre Naturals' delicious, whole grain synbiotic products would make a great part of your eating and workout plan, keep watch for further announcements in 2022!


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