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Hygiene and Safety

Having a dedicated facility free of the top food allergens means we’re extraordinarily careful with any materials that we use from start to finish.  This includes everything from the ingredients going into the products to the security seals we put on our oatmeal cups to the way our linens are laundered and delivered to us.  And, of course, we clean and sanitize daily.

But it doesn’t stop there.  People also move from one place to another in our facility so their hygiene practices must be controlled too.  So how do we do that?

First, all production employees required to follow these steps when they come to work and after every break:

  • Put lunches and any edible items (such as gum) in the lunchroom
  • Remove jackets and shoes
  • Put away smaller items such as purses and phones in lockers
  • Wash hands in provided facilities
  • Don production shoes
  • Don tight hairnet
  • Don combined hair/neck net plus beard net if needed
  • Sanitize hands from dispenser
  • Open sealed, clean, long production coat and enter production floor
  • Go directly to no-touch handwashing sink – wash hands thoroughly
  • Don medical nitrile, latex and powder free gloves
  • Repeat handwashing with gloves on
  • Wash and/or change gloves throughout the production time
  • Visitors, such as for Kosher inspection, must follow the same rules

While on the production floor, employees have different coats for different areas.  We consider items that don’t touch the food directly, such as boxes and packing cases, to be “dirty” so coats of a different color and style are used in those areas and handwashing occurs when employees move from one area to the other.  Additional coat changes required include entering our warehouse and filling ingredients for use.

Production employees are not allowed to wear jewelry and hair/eyelash extensions.  Nails must always be clipped and cannot be false or painted with nail polish. 

Even shipping personnel are required to don protective coats over their clothes and wash their hands prior to shipping orders.  We’ve felt this is simply what’s necessary to keep our facility allergy friendly. 

Employees are required to stay at home when sick.  This not only keeps your food safe but also our other employees healthy.

While we have binders of food safety requirements and procedures, we hope this gives you at least a small overview of the care that our entire team takes to offer you safe food.