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5 Lb Bulk Case Raw Seeds: Sunflower

Brand Libre Naturals
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So simple yet so difficult to find without nut cross-contamination that we decided to begin offering them ourselves. Enjoy raw by the handful, toasted in the oven, in baking, on salads and more. And since sunflower seeds are packed with Vitamin E, you know that you're getting healthful fats and fibre in one powerful little package.  This is a large package and sunflower seeds can go rancid over time, so it's best to freeze your tightly sealed unused portions until you need them.

Packaging: Sealed in a 5 lb foodsafe plastic liner and shipped in a sturdy cardboard case

Ingredients: raw, shelled sunflower seeds.

Ingrédients: graines de tournesol écalées et crues.

Raw Sunflower Seeds

Graines de tournesol crues

Nutrition Facts/
Valeur nutritive

Per 4 Tbsp (30 g) Par 4 c. à soupe (30 g)
Amount/Teneur % Daily Value*
Calories 170
Fat/ Lipides 12 g 19%
Saturated/ Saturés 1 g 5%
+Trans /trans 0 g  
Cholesterol/ Cholestérol 0 mg 0%
Sodium/ Sodium 0 mg 0%
Carbohydrate/ Glucides 8 g 3%
Fibre /Fibres 4 g 14%
Sugars/ Sucres 1 g  
Protein/ Protéine 8 g  
Vitamin A/ Vitamine A   0%
Vitamin C/ Vitamine C   0%
Calcium/ Calcium   2%
Iron/ Fer   6%
*Percent daily values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet./
Pourcentage de la valeur quotidienne selon un régimealimentaire de 2000 calories


Libre Naturals Inc. was created by the parents of a food allergic child.  As such, we strive to be clear about the ingredients and protocols we use.

We want you to feel comfortable about choosing any Libre Naturals product.  If you have any questions about our lines or allergens, please feel free to contact us toll free at 1-866-714-5411 or by email


While no reputable manufacturer can 100% guarantee a level of zero risk, we have created strict allergen protocols to offer you products you can trust:

  • All ingredient suppliers must provide written declarations about what the top 14 allergens/gluten are in their products and facilities as well as their protocols including product handling and staff training
  • We conduct multiple food allergen/gluten tests on incoming raw ingredients plus random finished product testing using verified scientific procedures
  • We have strict shipping and receiving policies including tracing and tracking all ingredients
  • Staff training and contracts ensure that everyone from the office to shipping understands the severity of food allergies.  In fact, the entire Libre Naturals facility and grounds, including our lunch room, is peanut and tree nut free.
  • All products are manufactured and/or packaged in our own dedicated facility
  • The Libre Naturals facility is 3rd party certified SQF Level 2 under the Global Food Safety Intitiative (GFSI) standard which includes audited allergen control and training programs


No dairyNo ingredients containing dairy are used in the Libre Naturals facility. This includes all derivatives such as casein or whey. Cocoa butter is not dairy but is the fat of the cocoa bean.



No eggNo ingredients containing egg are used in the Libre Naturals facility.



No fishNo ingredients containing fish are used in the Libre Naturals facility.



No glutenNo ingredients containing gluten are used in the Libre Naturals facility.  All of our products are certified Gluten Free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO) which has a standard of 10 parts per million (ppm), more stringent than the national standard of 20 ppm.


No mustardNo ingredients containing mustard are used in the Libre Naturals facility.



No peanutsNo ingredients containing peanut are used in the Libre Naturals facility.



No sesameNo ingredients containing sesame are used in the Libre Naturals facility.



No shellfishNo ingredients containing shellfish (including crustaceans or molluscs) are used in the Libre Naturals facility.



No soy or derivativesNo ingredients containing soy or its derivatives (i.e. soy lecithin) are used in the Libre Naturals facility.



No sulphitesNo ingredients containing sulphite preservatives are used in the Libre Naturals facility.



No tree nutsNo ingredients containing tree nuts i.e. almonds, cashews, pecans)are used in the Libre Naturals facility.  Canada, where our manufacturing facility is located, does not list coconut as a tree nut but the USA does. In any case, we treat coconut as a tree nut declaration with all of our suppliers.


No wheatNo ingredients containing wheat are used in the Libre Naturals facility.



No latexNo latex gloves are used on any Libre Naturals production line. We use only medical grade, powder-free nitrile gloves.



All Libre Naturals granolas have flavours added to them that are indicated on the ingredient list as "natural flavour".  Please note that we do not add any additional flavours that are not already indicated in the name of the product. The kinds of flavours used are as follows:

Vanilla Cinnamon Granola: Vanilla

Vanilla Caramel Granola: Vanilla

Blueberry Maple Granola: Maple

Additionally, we closely adhere to all food allergen labeling regulations and would declare any of the top 11 allergens or gluten as an allergen warning if the flavours were to contain a top food allergen or gluten.


The Libre Naturals facility is organized into two separate lines that are not separated by walls.  Manufacturing schedules are set up to minimize cross contamination between different products and/or varieties but it may not be completely avoided.  If you would like to review what ingredients we use in our facility, please check out our Ingredients page.

This declaration is accurate as of its last update on January, 2018, but may change without further notice. Please read ingredient labels and online declarations every time you purchase.

Once you've determined that our product is safe for your special dietary needs, you can take pleasure in great taste and health benefits. Here are some health reasons why you'll want to add raw sunflower seeds to your diet:

  • All plant seeds are naturally free of cholesterol
  • A 4 tablespoon serving of raw sunflower seeds makes a good vegetarian substitute for protein because it is equivalent to that of a large egg or 1 oz (28 g) of meat.
  • Sunflower is a nutritionally dense food, power-packed with protein, fibre, vitamin E, minerals, healthy fats, and phytosterols. Here are some details:
  • Zinc helps keep your immune system strong. A 1 ounce serving of sunflower provides 10% of the Daily Value.
  • Arginine, an amino acid, has potential benefits for heart health. Sunflower contains more arginine than almonds, hazelnuts or pecans.
  • Vitamin E is an antioxidant that acts as a nerve protector, enhances your immune system and reduces the effects of sun damage and wrinkles. Sunflower is the best whole food source of vitamin E, providing 76% of the Daily Value in a 1 ounce serving.
  • Thiamine, an important B vitamin for memory and cognitive function.
  • Tryptophan:  sunflower is also an excellent source of tryptophan, making sunflower a safe, natural way to relieve mild depression and insomnia.
  • Folate: A Harvard University study shows an association between a higher intake of folate and a lower risk of heart disease. Folate is also good for pregnant women because it plays an important part in making DNA and RNA in cell reproduction. One ounce of sunflower provides 17% of the Daily Value for Folate.
  • Phytosterols are plant chemicals that have been shown to reduce cholesterol levels and improve heart health. In a study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, sunflower (along with pistachios and pumpkin seeds) contained the highest levels of phytosterols among seeds and nuts commonly eaten as snack foods in the United States.
  • Keep at room temperature, approximately 20 degrees Celsius or refrigerated
  • Once opened, raw sunflower seeds are best if repackaged in an airtight container, sealed between uses and eaten within 2 weeks of opening.
  • If in a humid, hot location (above 20 degrees Celsius), raw seeds are prone to rancidity
  • This item can be frozen under normal conditions and sealed in its packaging for up to 6 months past the date of expiration
  • Alternatively, raw sunflower seeds can be repackaged in freezer safe bags/containers for freezing rather than keeping in the original packaging
  • Once re-opened at room temperature, seeds are best if eaten within 2 weeks as per above

Suggested Serving Options

  • On their own by the handful
  • Added to your morning oatmeal
  • Added to salads
  • Added to your favourite cookie recipe by replacing cup for cup the fruit/chocolate indicated in the recipe or in addition to your favourite fruit and chocolate

Do you like Roasted Salted Sunflower Seeds?  Try this Recipe:  http://vegetarian.lovetoknow.com/Roasting_Sunflower_Seeds


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Return Policy

For the safety of all Libre Naturals’ customers we do not return food items, regardless of their condition, therefore all sales at Libre Naturals are final.

Ingredients, nutrition and allergens for all Libre Naturals’ products are posted on each product's page, and it is a customer's responsibility to read and understand them, contact us to ask questions if necessary, and to select only those items that are safe for their specific diet.

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If granola bars do get overheated, the granola bars and chocolate should resume their shape if left to return to room temperature without being handled.  The heat will not  affect the taste or quality of the bars although long term shelf life may be compromised.

Any chocolate that has been heated and then cooled may get "bloom", a gray surface on the chocolate.  Bloom is not harmful and does not change the quality of the chocolate; it's simply the cocoa fat coming to the surface of the chocolate.

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